Motorcyclist Injured by Drunk Driver

Motorcyclist Injured by Drunk Driver

This article examines the case of a motorcyclist who was injured by a drunk driver. My client sustained severe injuries in the accident, including a broken pelvis and arms, loss of most of his left eye vision, paralysis in one leg, and a fractured pelvis. His treatment will likely cost him hundreds of thousands of dollar. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend the birth of his youngest daughter. The insurance company refused to pay the policy limits.

Accident victim sustained a burst fracture in the spine

A motorcyclist may sustain a variety injuries in a motorcycle accident. These include a burst fracture of their spine and a traumatic injury to the spinal cord. The motorcyclist wearing a helmet may suffer less impact, but the neck can be compressed. Spinal injuries can include burst fractures, which occur when vertebrae are subjected to excessive forces.

A typical motorcycle accident results in a motorcyclist suffering multiple injuries. These include a laceration to his left upper arm, multiple punctures, and even a disc herniation. A doctor can conduct a thorough evaluation to determine how severe the injuries are. In addition to fractured vertebrae and spinal cord, a motorcycle accident can cause a burst fracture of the spine.

According to a recent study by St. James University Hospital, many motorcycle crash victims suffer more than one spinal injury. While the thoracic spine is the most common area injured in motorcycle accident lawyer riverside, the lumbar spine and cervical spine are also often involved in accidents. In a motorcycle accident, over ten percent of the motorcyclist sustained fatal injuries. Medical professionals also classify spinal cord injuries based on the severity and location of the injury.

This case highlights how important medical records are in a legal suit. The plaintiff’s medical records, including previous treatment history, were essential in establishing an accurate timeline of the injuries sustained. The records also proved that the crash caused the back injury or aggravation to a pre-existing condition. The policy limits of the insurance company were met in settlement.

The insurance company refused to pay policy limits

Retired police officer was hit in the side by a tractor trailer as he stopped at a red light. The truck suddenly changed lanes, causing the motorcycle to be side-swiped. The client suffered a severe injury to her elbow and was forced to undergo surgery the next day. After the lawsuit was filed, the insurance carrier tendered policy limits of $100,000. The settlement was achieved before the trial.

An insurer is required to settle a claim within policy limits. However, this duty does not apply in all cases. The driver is not responsible for the full settlement amount if the accident led to a lawsuit or judgment that was beyond policy limits. The driver may also be responsible to pay the rest of the motorcyclist’s expenses, such medical bills. The policy limits may not apply to the motorcyclist who is injured. However, reasonable economic damages may be available to the motorcyclist.

Motorcyclist Injured by Drunk Driver
Motorcyclist Injured by Drunk Driver

An insurance company might refuse to pay a claim if the negligent driver does not have insurance coverage. This is determined by the law of the state. This is not the case in Michigan. No matter who is at fault, the insurance company must pay at least $40k for bodily injuries. This includes medical expenses, lost income, and replacement services, funeral expenses, as well as the loss of a fetus. The drunk driver was not responsible if he/she did not have insurance.

If the other driver refuses cooperation, you can still request their insurance information. You must take all necessary steps to protect your rights. Contact your state insurance department immediately. They will be able to provide you with the necessary complaint forms to help you with your claim. For more information, contact your insurance department if the insurance company refuses to pay you for your injuries. Contact your insurance department if the insurance company refuses to pay you for the full amount of your policy.

Motorcyclists who are reckless and careless can cause motorcycle accidents

While riding a motorcycle may be a fun and safe activity, it is also one of the most dangerous modes of transportation. In fact, motorcyclists are much more likely to sustain serious injuries and even fatalities if they are involved in an accident involving a drunk driver. Below are 7 dangerous behaviors that motorcyclists can engage in that lead to motorcycle accidents due to drunk drivers.

A study published by the NHTSA and IDOT showed that a high percentage of motorcycle crashes involving drunk drivers involved the driver being intoxicated. While alcohol impairment can cause accidents of any type, it is particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. While drunk drivers are more likely to be aggressive and drive recklessly, their impaired judgment and response times make them particularly prone to colliding with motorcyclists.

Another risky behavior of motorcyclists contribute to motorcycle accidents. Many motorcycle riders weave between moving cars. This is called lane splitting or lane filtering. It is a common cause of motorcycle accidents. Because motorcycles have very little room to maneuver, this type of behavior is illegal in most states. Drivers who lane split are more likely than others to be found responsible for a motorcycle accident.

Motorcyclists should not race, and impaired driving is also prohibited. It could lead to a head on collision. This type of collision can cause the motorcyclist to be thrown from the motorcycle and crushed by the other vehicle. 76% of motorcycle accidents are caused by head-on collisions. The risk of being thrown from the motorcycle increases fivefold when a drunk driver hits it. Some motorcycle riders suffer traumatic brain injuries.

Motorcyclists should wear a high-visibility jacket and use their headlights. In addition, the Daytime Running Light (DRL) on their motorcycle can help drivers see the motorcycle and avoid collisions. A helmet is a good safety tip when riding a motorcycle. A motorcycle helmet will also increase the safety of both the motorcycle rider and the driver. A helmet on a motorcycle will also prevent the driver from driving drunk.

Drunk driving can cause serious injuries in an accident

Alcohol intoxication is one of the most common personal risk factors for serious injuries and death. It accounts for one-third of all alcohol-intoxicated trauma deaths. Alcohol intoxication is also linked with increased mortality during the clinical course. Motorcyclists are three times more likely to die from alcohol intoxication than motorists with blood alcohol levels between 0.03% and 0.08%. The risks increase exponentially with increasing BAC levels.

Despite these risks, the consequences of a motorcyclist accident involving a drunk driver can be severe. The injured rider can suffer from collapsed lungs and even bruising. These damages often require surgery. A motorcyclist could also sustain a torn or ruptured aorta. The torn aorta almost always requires surgical intervention and can be fatal.

Drunk drivers pose a danger to all motorists. Drunk drivers cause 1 fatal accident every 51 minutes. Motorcyclists have little protection from collisions with cars, so they are at increased risk of severe injuries and even death. Motorcycles are especially vulnerable to serious injury due to their open nature. Drunk drivers can cause serious injuries, even death, and endanger property and lives. For this reason, it’s important that drunk drivers are arrested and held accountable for their reckless actions.

Drunk drivers are the most dangerous type of motorcycle accident. Motorcyclists can be crushed or disfigured by distracted drivers. These injuries can be very difficult to treat and require extensive medical care. Because of this, insurers often reject claims and settle them for a minimal amount. The injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident can be devastating and can result in permanent disability.

Because the motorcycle is so large, the impact on the rider is particularly devastating. Lower extremities, including the ankles, legs, and calves, are the most vulnerable. Although most motorcycle accidents do not cause death, most victims suffer from painful and disabling injuries. Although recovery is dependent on the severity of the injuries, these injuries can cause long-term disability and require extensive medical attention. Traumatic brain injuries can cause seizures, coma, and even death.

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